Located in a beautiful location close to where Lake Prespa and the Greek border meet, the neighbouring mountain villages of Brajčino, Dolno Dupeni and Ljuboljno make for a wonderful half-day excursion or even more. Combining wild and wonderful nature and some glorious old architecture, the villages attract more and more attention from tourists every year but remain more or less unspoilt by the creeping claws of progress. The crowning glory of the three is Brajčino, famed for its traditional stone buildings, small churches, the fabulous St. Petka Monastery and the jewel in the crown that’s Balkan hospitality. Right on the Greek border is Dolno Dupeni, which is much less developed than Brajčino, which, depending on what you’re looking, for is either a good or a bad thing. Sat right on the edge of Lake Prespa, the village offers some wonderful sightseeing opportunities as well as the chance to cool down in the lake if you’re visiting during the hot summer months. Finally, Ljuboljno is arguably the sleepiest and least spoilt of the three, and attracts a lot of tourists thanks to its eight Orthodox churches. All three villages feature several small restaurants that specialise in some of the best home cooking in the country. If that all sounds like too much to see in a few hours, more and more buildings are transforming themselves into fantastic traditional guesthouses.

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