Of volcanic origin and some 30km east of Kumanovo in a severely isolated and desolate location, Cocev Kamen is an exquisitely beautiful site on a hilltop whose human origins date back to at least the Palaeolithic age. An alleged venue for gruesome sacrificial rituals, and yet another place that some claim to have once been an astronomical observatory, real science can at least prove that the site was used throughout the Bronze Age and into the Middle Ages thanks to the large amounts of pottery, flint tools and other artefacts dug up during excavation work at the site. Cocev Kamen is also the site of several caves and shelters complete with primitive paintings, leading to even more speculation concerning the site’s many prehistoric functions. Hardcore travellers should be able to accomplish a trip to Cocev Kamen on their own, although it’s strongly suggested to find a guide to take with you.

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