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Built in 1818 and located just south of the town centre, permission to construct the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael was supposedly given by the Ottoman authorities on three conditions, namely that the priest who wanted to build it gave his daughter to the Sultan, that the entire project should be completed in less than 40 days and that the building should lie lower than the road that passed it. Although completing the construction in the required time and placing it lower than the street, the priest never gave away his daughter—who, so the legend goes, fled to neighbouring Bulgaria—and was subsequently imprisoned for his impudence. It’s an unlikely story for an otherwise plain-looking building that hides a wealth of religious splendour inside and that’s an absolutely essential part of any visit to the region. The nuns who take care of the convent are notoriously friendly, and when they’re not busy with their work are always happy to sit and chat with passers by.

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