Authentic villages untouched by the creeping claws of progress are good places to visit no matter where you are, not least in North Macedonia. If you’re driving near Berovo, keep an eye open for road signs to Smojmirovo, Ratevo, Rusinovo, Vladimirovo, Dvorište, Mačevo, Budinarci and Mitrašinci. Likewise, drivers in and around Pehčevo should look out for signs pointing in the general direction of Negrevo, Crnik, Pančarevo, Umlena, Robovo and Čiflik. A particular favourite and worth a look if you’re planning to stay at the Bela Voda hotel and resort is the small village of Dvorište close to the Bulgarian border. At an altitude of just over 1,000 metres above sea level, don’t expect much in the way of entertainment, but do take time to go for a walk and meet some of the locals. Some of the small farms in and around the village can sell you some of their produce, the local cheese being especially good.

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