With a majority Macedonian population of a little under 30,000 and proudly claiming the title of the cleanest town in North Macedonia, most visitors to Kočani agree that the 30 minutes or so it takes to drive to the city from Štip are worth the effort. Although written records of its existence date back to just 1337, Kočani’s known history dates back thousands of years, a fact borne out by the numerous archaeological sites found in the immediate vicinity. The town itself saw rapid industrial growth after the war and has lost much of its original charm, although there’s a few treats in store for those looking to seek them out, among the small ensemble of the Church of St. George that was completed in 1917 and the various remaining Ottoman-era towers found in various locations around the city. Recommended for a pleasant morning or afternoon, if you get hungry when in town, the recommended Amor offers great food and magnificent views of neighbouring mountains.

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