Half in North Macedonia and half in neighbouring Albania to the west, Lake Ohrid is among Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and covering 388 square kilometres, at its deepest the bottom lies almost 300 metres below the surface. Rich in marine life including the famous Ohrid trout—available on …

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Dating from around 200BC, the remains of this spectacular outdoor theatre laid buried and forgotten for centuries before being discovered completely by accident in the 1980s. The former location of gladiator battles and murdering Christians is nowadays used for less violent affairs and is a popular location for all manner of theatrical and musical performances …



If you’ve ever visited Skopje during the summer and wondered where everybody was, the answer’s Ohrid. Claiming the impressively rare title of UNESCO World Heritage Site for both its culture and its nature, North Macedonia’s foremost leisure capital offers visitors not only the chance to mess about on one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes, …

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