Less than 30km north of both archaeological site at Stobi and the recommended winery of the same name, the sadly often overlooked city of Veles is a typically chaotic jumble of historical buildings mixed in with some truly awful Yugoslav-era monstrosities whose failings are more than made up for by the friendliness of the locals. …

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Considered by archaeologists and historians alike to be the best archaeological site in North Macedonia, the history of Stobi dates back thousands of years. Originally part of the ancient kingdom of Paeonia before being absorbed into Macadon and eventually falling under the control of the Romans, earthquakes and Avaro-Slavic invasions in the 6th century saw …

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Not to be confused with the similar-sounding the milk-based drink found throughout the Caucasus and Japan, madzun is a molasses-like health product made from concentrated grape juice that’s supposedly good at reducing fevers, relieving constipation, helping with depression and fighting all manner of diseases by boosting the immune system. A hugely popular traditional medicine available …

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Approximately 10km or so south of Kavadarci along a well signposted road that winds its way through the local vineyards and the small village of Vozarci, the 32km-long Lake Tikveš was created at the end of the 1960s and is the oldest and largest artificial lake in the country. Famed for the massive sheatfish—a local …